John J. Hayes is a collector of rare Civil War antiques and relics from Gettysburg, PA.

John contacted me while I was at Wide Open Communications and said he needed a website to post stuff he had for sale BUT did not want to do online transactions.  So I created a design and setup an e-Commerce website but removed the ability to sell the items.  John is able to put prices on the site but interested buyers must call or email to make a purchase.  Once the site was completed I went over to John’s home office and explained how to add new products to the site and perform some small image editing.

John left Wide Open Communications as a web host and moved to MAjor Designs back in 2016.  In 2022, we migrated away from eCommerce Templates and re-platformed to WooCommerce.  With this new update, John can add products faster and have an easier time managing his content.  He can also view high level stats from the admin and when ready, the site is ready to run credit card transactions.

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