Bravo Blast Entertainment, LLC is a comic publisher located in Smithboro, IL which publishes titles like Bliss McKenzie-Time TravelerBritish Steel and X.XXXI. Kenney Mesnard (BravoBlast’s Creative Director/Writer/Colorist) reached out to me via email after deciding he wanted to upgrade the site. The previous version lacked content and did not have a good shopping/checkout experience.

MAjor Designs started with a blank WordPress install and started developing a custom theme on a development server. Once the color palette and theme was established, WooCommerce was installed and configured along with Square payment processing and USPS for shipping calculations.

BravoBlast had an AWESOME custom request – WEB COMICS. Ken needed a way to upload mini comics to the website on a per-panel basis and have the ability to include chapters. So using a custom post type and Advanced Custom Fields, I was able to make a “comics” post type that he could manage from the WordPress admin.  Ken wanted MAjor Designs to host the website as well but didn’t want to lose his current email hosting.  So he updated his A Records in his DNS system to point to MAjor Designs IP address and was up and running!

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