WordPress Security & Maintenance

Those who host their websites at MAjor Hosting already get top notch WordPress security & daily back-ups of their sites included with their annual hosting cost. But what if you’re happy with your host but you want daily archived back-ups, security protection from brute force log-in attacks (or other WordPress specific threats) and need to keep your plug-ins up to date?

MAjor Designs offers an affordable WordPress Security & Maintenance Package that will help protect your WordPress website from Brute Force log-ins attacks, DDoS attacks & other malicious actions.

To help keep an eye on your site, a 24/7 web-monitor is activated and will send email alerts if your site experiences any downtime. Since we are keeping an eye on your site, we’ll keep your plug-ins up-to-date as well so you don’t have to worry about those.

Finally to ensure reliability, daily back-ups of your site are created, uploaded to the cloud and archived for 30 days. This way if anything were to happen to your site, we can easily revert to a previous back-up.

Reach out today if you have any questions or want to enroll.