Design and Development of The Long Way Podcast Official WebsiteI have just launched a new website for the podcasting duo over at

Podcasters Josh Tauzin and Jeremy Mentzell were on Facebook wondering how they could publish their podcast.  I jumped in on the conversation saying “you can put it on WordPress, use a plug-in to create a feed and be up and running pretty quickly” which they responded with, “…huh?”.  So we made an agreement that I would design, develop and host their website and podcast episodes in exchange for some ad time on their episodes.  They agreed and we started rockin and rollin.

Josh reached out to his friend Katelynn Foltz to create their logo.  Once that was completed, I began the design process.  Josh and Jeremy stated they wanted something open and clean and perhaps using a blue color scheme.  Going off their input I created a design based on the Bootstrap framework to make custom, responsive theme on the WordPress platform.

Once the design was set, I installed the Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin which is FANTASTIC.  This plug-in is super easy to use and creates feeds which you can submit to iTunes as well as other RSS feed readers.  Once that was configured, I explained to Josh and Jeremy how to add new episodes using the WordPress back-end.

One final piece I implemented was the ability to import tweets from Josh and Jeremy’s twitter accounts.  To do this, I implemented the Twitter Tools plug-in along with the Social plug-in.  Josh and Jeremy synced their accounts in the WordPress admin and it started importing their tweets including their latest tweets.

The entire process took 2 to 3 weeks from design, development to launch.  Jeremy and Josh were both very eager to get the site up and running.  They were both very appreciative of the work I had done that they ended up making a 5 minute promo for me on their first episode.  I highly recommended checking them out and subscribing to their podcast either on iTunes OR through their RSS feed in your preferred podcast app.

If you’re looking to have a web site designed, developed or just need help with your current site, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.  I’m always glad to help and looking for a new project.