Carbaugh Formless, Glen Rock, PA Power Curber 5700-B IllustrationI was ecstatic when General Manager Jonathan Carbaugh from contacted me saying they are working on a new project.  Jon sought me out after working together on’s website while I was still at Wide Open Communications.  Their newest project is called Carbaugh Formless.  They purchased a new piece of equipment and wanted some line illustrations of it done up for t-shirt and other screen printing purposes.  Excited to work with Jon again, I didn’t hesitate and immediately accepted the job.

So I blew the dust off of my technical illustrator cap and got to it.  For past illustration work I used Corel Designer but this time around I thought I’d give it a go in Adobe Illustrator.  I ended up creating two different angles of the illustration.  Jon and his team decided to go with one angle over the other and asked for some color variations.  I supplied them with a black & white version, a black, white & red version and finally a full color version.  I sent them high quality JPG files as well as the original AI files for their printers to use.

They were quite happy with the end product and I hope to see what the shirts look like after they are printed.

This project was an excellent change of pace for me.  It took me out the web development area and placed me back into some good ole graphic designing.  Good to know I can still churn out some decent illustration work.

If you are looking to have some illustrations drawn up, some logos designed or a website created, let me know.  I’m always looking for that next project.