Rent-RetailReady.comThe first project of MAjor Design’s second year of business has finally launched.  I recently completed a website for a local Home Improvement/Restoration company based in York, PA.  They do it ALL.  They fix up totally destroyed homes and commercial properties so the owner of the property can sell or rent it out.  They also do major and minor home improvements from plumbing issues to roof fixes all the way up to flooring and dry rot repair.  These guys are the guys to call when something is broken.

I know the project manager at Rent-Retail Ready, LLC back from high school.  Being friends on Facebook, he reached out to me when they wanted a new website.  They had a domain but didn’t have access to it anymore.  So I went out and searched for some available domains they could use.  They finally settled on  After that was decided, I setup a hosted WordPress environment and started creating a custom theme.  I used Bootstrap to handle the responsive aspect of the site.  Once the theme was set,  I added their logo and some content and within two weeks, the website was up and running.

This was one of the quicker projects I completed.  If you are looking for a new website or need help maintaining your current website, let me know.