I have helped Matt Haas and Jason Resh from Silver Penny Studio with the development of e-RatePA.org’s new hosted WordPress website.

e-RatePA.org Website Before and After Screenshots

This is the original project Matt posted about when he was seeking a freelance developer on craigslist.  While this was in development, he and I started working on and completed the redesign and development of LetsPretend123.com.

For e-RatePA.org, Matt needed me to implement the (righteous and slick) design created by Jason on to a hosted WordPress platform BUT do it within the already installed Chameleon theme from ElegantThemes.com.  Luckily, the theme had an admin panel with the option to add code to the <head> of the website and a place to add custom CSS.  I was able to match Jason’s design to about 95% of his original vision.

After the design was implemented, there were a few more adjustments.  The next step was moving the website from the development environment to the production environment.  We used the awesome Velvet Blues WordPress plug-in to crawl through and replaced all of the dev URLs with the live URLs.  I had to manually update some URLs within the theme’s admin panel but that was easy.  e-RatePA.org’s system admin then moved all the files, updated the DNS records and the site was up and running.  There may be a few tweaks and adjustments here and there but other than minor issues, the site is up.

That’s another project down here at MAjor Designs.  If you have a web project, web idea or just want to talk about web stuff, shoot me an email and we’ll get the ball rollin’.