Silent Movie Finder Website Project

This was a project that landed on my lap via Joni Blymire.  Peter reached out to Joni for her to design a website for his Silent Film Database Project however her plate was overloaded.  She sent me the request and I reached out to Peter directly.  He was looking for a website that he can add tables to with rows and rows of data about the Silent Film Era.  His database not only includes domestic silent films but spans internationally.  He also has information from the famous film stars of those eras.

Lucky for me, Peter was fluent with WordPress.  So I made a custom WordPress theme and popped in some plug-ins so Peter can log into the admin and create his content.  I setup WordPress categories and added some custom PHP to make a system for him to easily add his archived data.  I used Advanced Custom Forms to make some custom fields so Peter could control the content located within the hero section of the home page.  Once the site went live, I integrated Google’s reCAPTCHA to prevent spamming and got the site Google Verified through their search console program.

This project has a bright future as Peter has lots of ideas to expand the website and really make it the go-to website when it comes to silent films!

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