Ralph's Fur Farm Website Design and Development

Ralph’s Fur Farm has plans to become a fur farm/rescue for Siberian Huskies in the United States.  Shed & brushed out Huksy hair will be spun into top quality yarn known as chiengora. They operate on a very strict no-harm policy.  All fur is gathered from naturally shed hair or brushed/blown out hair.  RFF also work with local groomers to take brushed out husky fur off their hands.

For this project, we setup a WordPress environment with WooCommerce and a few other plug-ins installed.  We developed a custom, responsive theme for the front-end.

The biggest feature of the site is the integration of the print-on-demand service Printful.com.  From the WooCommerce site, they can take orders for products like t-shirts, coffee mugs and hoodies without having any product on hand.  Orders come in through WooCommerce using their payment processors for payment collection.  Once paid for, orders are then pushed to Printful.com for picking, printing, quality checks and shipment to the shopper.  From your collected funds, you pay the wholesale price for the product and then pocket the profit.  From Printful, you can choose to mark-up product costs to set your desired profit margin.

Best part is they have a WooCommerce plug-in so order and product data can sync from printful to their WooCommerce admin.  This made integration VERY easy.

We also helped SEO for Ralph’s Fur Farm by ensuring the site had unique title and descriptions for each page.

See more at RalphsFurFarm.com.

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