Re-development of LetsPretend123.com

Let’s Pretend is a center for family entertainment!  They provide an enormous space with a variety of play areas which allow children ages two to ten to let their imaginations run wild.  Owners Rick and Kerri developed Let’s Pretend with the idea that adults and children would play together free of modern day distractions.  They are located in Middletown, PA and are open seven days a week.

I discovered Let’s Pretend through Matt Haas, a fellow web designer/developer with to many projects on his plate.  He and I worked together on getting Let’s Pretend off their previous Joomla! website and on to a WordPress platform.  I implemented the popular Avada WordPress theme and created the design within it’s theme options.  Rick and Kerri demanded that the site “have lots of color and really POP”.  I did exactly that tossing in a variety of colors based on their logo.  I added a custom jQuery script to create the fading color bar at the top and the Avada theme really took care of the rest even  making it responsive for mobile devices.  Matt worked with Kerri and Rick to show them how to add content into the WordPress back-end.  When they were ready, I moved the site out of the development folder into their live directory and they were up and running.

See more at LetsPretend123.com.

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