Jennifer Riggs is a certified Hypnotherapist, Mindset Coach, Author and Speaker who is passionate about helping people release their negative emotions to discover their true selves and lead a happier life. She has been working with clients in a healing capacity for over a decade and wants to share the wisdom and understanding of self and others that this work has and continues to teach her.

Jennifer was recommended to me as she was looking for a web developer that could get her website up and running within 2 to 3 weeks.  The site needed to accommodate newsletter sign up forms, an eCommerce platform to sell books online as well as generate labels for orders to ship.  Also lots of content about her services, history, book and more.  Not a problem!  Using WordPress with WooCommerce, I  was able to design, develop and launch the site in less then 16 days.  I integrated WooCommerce’s Square plug-in so Jennifer could use her existing Square payment processor account on her new website.  Several forms were created using Contact Form 7 as well as the Contact Form CFDB7 plug-in.  After launching, Google Analytics and Google’s Search Engine console were integrated into the website as well as SolidWP’s Solid Security Pro plug-in and the MAjor Monitor which watches the website 24/7 for any errors or downtime.

This was a very fun, fast project and Jennifer has many plans in the future including Podcasts, Videos, Event information and more!

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