Bar Bickering is a web based game where people submit answers to questions.  Popular answers get rewarded the most points.  Answers are submitted into the game anonymously by users.

The idea for BarBickering game up when playing a similar game at a local bar.  Players had to write down answers and hand them into the host.  The host would then enter them into the computer with point values.  The thought came to me that  it would be easier on everyone if answers could be submitted by phone.

Perks for the players:

  • Players can easily join games via email, facebook, twitter or by scanning a QR code to join game.
  • Players can submit answers on their phone.
  • Stats are saved and profiles can be created with image uploading.

Perks for the hosts:

  • Questions are displayed on phone and host can connect laptop to TV to make use of large displays.
  • Players can submit answers on phone so there’s no need to provide paper and/or pens.
  • Point values are stored and calculated in the game so no need to enter information or tally points manually.

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