MAjor Designs Helps Out A Bit

Posted on June 21st, 2014

PAAJAF Foundation LogoI am constantly crawling various job boards looking for work.  Every now and then I see a post by a non-profit organization that needs help.  Some of these non-profits have little money to pay someone to move or fix their website and a lot of them are honest about this within their posts.  I saw a post on from the PAAJAF Foundation.  They were looking for a volunteer to move their community WordPress development site into its production environment.  I emailed them and offered my help.

They emailed the next morning and we had a quick little Skype chat.  They let me know that everything from the development directory needs to be copied over into the live directory.  They had no plans on keeping the development site after the move which made everything easy.  Within their cPanel host I duplicated the development directory and pointed their sub-domain to point to the newly copied folder.  Since they were planning on ditching the dev site anyway, I kept the development MySQL database and updated the siteurl and home fields within the WordPress options table.  This way I avoided exporting the SQL file, creating a new DB, importing the data and finally updating the wp-config.php file.

A few seconds later their their development WordPress site was live at  The total time to move everything took less then 10 minutes.  Made me feel pretty righteous to use my skills to help out.

Now I’m off to look for my next project.  If you are seeking help from a web professional, let me know.  Hope to hear from you soon.

MAjor Designs gets another site developed on WordPress!

Let's Pretend Website - Before and After

Around a month or so ago, I found a post on craiglist from a web designer/developer seeking the assistance of another web designer/developer for some freelance work.  I responded and that’s how I met Matt Haas.  We instantly got to work developing a few websites.  The first of which to wrap up was

Let’s Pretend was previously setup on Joomla! and was looking to be setup on a more user-friendly CMS.  So we setup a new WordPress installation on a development server and got to work.  Owners Rick and Kerri asked that the new website “have lots of color and really POP”.  I implemented the popular Avada WordPress theme which took care of the website layout and made it responsive.  Within the theme’s options I added the logo and created a VERY bright color scheme.  Avada also takes full advantage of Google’s HUGE library of fonts.  I was able to use the Gloria Hallelujah font which made Rick and Kerri LOVED since it almost matched their logo.

The owners asked if it was possible to have a fading color background behind the logo.  Avada doesn’t provide this as an option.  So I created some jQuery code and placed it within the header section of the Avada theme to create the color fading effect.  They were extremely happy with the end result.

Once the design was set, Matt showed Rick and Kerri how to add the content into the WordPress back-end.  They quickly jumped on that and added all the content within a day or two.  Once the content was added, they were ready to go live.  I moved the WordPress site out of the development area and into their live environment and they were up and running.

You can see the updated website at  If you are looking to have your website re-designed, re-developed or just looking for help with it, please let me know.  I’d love to help out.

Looking To Work With Some Graphic Designers

Posted on February 5th, 2014

Convert PSD or PDF to WordPressOne of my favorite jobs to do is convert PSD or PDF files into fully functioning websites.  This is generally my method when I design a website from scratch.  I design the site in Adobe PhotoShop, slice up the important images and then create a custom WordPress theme based off the PhotoShop file.

While I enjoy turning my own designs into working pieces of art for my clients, I have more fun bringing OTHER designer’s visions to life.

I have worked with graphic designers from all over turning their work into living, breathing websites.  Joni Blymore and I worked together on and  I worked with Taylor Lee Communications to re-design as well as Phil Pierce for  I have also worked with Martin Design Group while I was Wide Open Communications to develop, and

I am looking to increase my client list with more graphic designers that are not 100% sure how to develop websites or provide hosting.  So if you are looking for a web developer or web host, please contact me and we can talk about your future projects.

You do the design, I’ll do the development (and hosting if you need it).  Hope to hear from you. Gets A Redesign

Posted on January 26th, 2014

MAjor Designs and Joni Blymire re-design and re-develop Before and After Redesign

Joni Blymire created the new design and logo for the New Oxford Municipal Authority based in New Oxford Pennsylvania.  Once they approved the design, MAjor Designs developed the site on a WordPress platform.

I created the WordPress back-end to be as easy as possible to update their website.  To make managing their employees on their website easier, I created a custom post type called “employees” so updating their directory is simple.  I also created multiple categories under their default post type to make it easy to upload their PDF documents and newsletters.  We are currently hosting their website and emails.

Lastly, I worked up a reference guide for their office admin.  The guide went over simple tasks to update the website.  This included creating, editing and deleting pages, posts and managing their custom employee post type.

You can see the updated website at

MAjor Designs is Open for Business

Posted on January 25th, 2014

Stefan Hartman - Web Designer/Developer and OwnerAfter using the past few years learning all I can in the corporate world of web design and development, I decided to attempt to start my own business.

I’m offering a variety of web services which include…

  • Web Design
  • Web Development (including WordPress, e-Commerce and more)
  • Graphic Design
  • Web and e-mail Hosting (starting at $100.00/year)
  • Domain Name Registration and Hosting ($15.00/year)
  • Website Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Converting PSD to WordPress Themes

I generally create websites on the WordPress platform as it is easy to maintain for both myself and (usually) the client.  It also makes it easier to create custom post types if your website requires it.

I also love working with other Graphic Designers to bring their website to life.  I know a good amount of Graphic Designers that can design a great looking website in Illustrator or Photoshop but can’t convert it into a working website.  This is what I enjoy doing the most.  I’ll take their layered PSD or PDF file and slice up the important images (header images, logos, page images, ect).  From there I’ll create HTML which then gets turned into a custom WordPress theme or static HTML site.

Whatever your web project entails, please contact me and we’ll discuss it.  Whether its a new project from scratch or updating your current website, I’d love to help.