The official website of Civil War Artist Dale Gallon has been re-designed, re-developed and re-launched at MAjor Designs.

Gallon’s gallery and website manger Anne (also Dale’s wife) has contacted me multiple times after I left Wide Open Communications asking to help re-do their website.  At that time I had just left Wide Open and didn’t have time to dedicate to any web projects (plus didn’t want to make waves with my previous employer).  Almost a year after I left, Anne contacted me saying she was going with Junction Creative Solutions to re-design and re-develop her website.  They re-developed the website on the Magento platform and did a fantastic job.  A few months after starting the development process, Anne contacted me once again.  This time I had begun doing business as MAjor Designs.  Since Junction Creative was doing the website design and development, Anne needed someone to update the images of Dale’s beautiful painted pieces instead of importing the low quality images from the previous site.  Anne and I arranged a time so I could go out and take photographs of Dale’s artwork.  After that, I Photoshopped up some frame templates and re-did every Giclee, Mini Giclee, Limited Edition Print and Mini Print that she sells on the website.  Check out the one comparison below…

I ended up creating over 900 new images as various prints come with various framing options.  Images were created with a minimum width of 1600px to allow image zooming on the website.  You can view them all at Some of the original site images were transferred over to save time and launch the website. These will be updated over time.

To wrap it all up, I helped with updating the Magneto admin with Anne’s payment processor information and also updated the nameservers on the domain to point to the new MAjor Designs’ server.  I setup the SSL certificate and static IP so her site can perform secure transactions and applied SPAM filtering for her email.

This was MAjor Designs’ first BIG project and I appreciate Anne trusting me enough with her site and images as well as helping me start my business growth.

Looking forward to the next project. If you have a website that needs updated or looking to start a new web project, please let me know.