Web Development

What do you want your website to do?

There are a lot of questions when it comes to developing a website. What kind of site is it? Do you need an back-end admin? Are you running transactions? Did you secure a domain name? Will multiple people need access? Have you thought about security yet? These are all website development issues that MAjor Designs can help with.

Custom WordPress Development

WordPress is our hosted platform of choice. WP makes it easy to update the content for website owners/managers. It also has the ability to expand the core code which makes it possible to have unlimited development opportunities.

MAjor Designs has developed custom WordPress themes, Shortcodes and has integrated 3rd party APIs from services like PayChex, Pardot, Robly, MailChimp and many more!

Design to Code

MAjor Designs also works with graphic designers to convert their design files into fully functioning code. We can turn your Figma files, PSDs, PDFs or hand drawn designs on a napkin from Chili’s into working HTML.

We can deliver the final product as static HTML/CSS/JS files or in a custom WordPress theme.

WordPress PayChex Integration

MAjor Designs has worked with Jacoby Transportation Inc. based out of Gettysburg, PA to integrate PayChex into their website admin portal.

WordPress Security and Monitoring

MAjor Designs provides protection from brute force attacks and other popular methods of hacking. We also can keep an eye on your website 24/7 to ensure your website doesn’t go down.

Need a new developer?

The scenario often happens where a client paid a low cost for a website that either never gets finished, doesn’t meet the client’s expectations or the developer that created it is no longer available.

MAjor Designs can help you with your website needs. From file updates, content changes, new features or just a fresh coat of paint/new design, we can help you out!