It’s been awhile since I posted some new work. Luckily Matt Haas reached out with a new, small project.  He needed a custom home page developed for a client of his that has their website hosted on the Bigcommerce platform.  Not having experience with BigCommerce, I was excited to tackle this challenge. Home Page Design

The work involved wasn’t that intense.  Matt just needed me to create a single page which would become the home page.  After creating a few mock-ups, the page you see on is the one he went with.  So I added some HTML to a new template page that Matt created and added some CSS to the stylehseet and the page was up and running.  I incorporated their MailChimp newsletter sign-up, included some social media icons and links then called it a day. I did incorporate the Bootstrap framework for mobile devices but the site has a dedicated mobile theme so the bootstrap really doesn’t get utilized.

From mock-ups to approvals to going live, the whole project look less then a week.  You can check out the page I created on and even order some great looking baked goods right from their website.